Gas for heating purposes

Mar-Rom offers the supply of propane and propane-butane gas for heating and technological purposes. We deliver to individual customers, enterprises and public institutions.

Gas supplies are carried out using our own tanker park adapted to transport liquefied petroleum gas. Deliveries take place according to a fixed schedule, which is why we provide punctuality and an attractive price offer.

The gas we offer you always meets the highest requirements confirmed by a quality certificate. The high quality of gas translates into its heating properties and safety of use in gas installations.

In connection with the creation of the Central Register of Excise Entities (register of entities referred to in Article Whereas Article 16 (1) of Regulation (EEC) No 2 1 and 1a of the Act on Excise Duty Journal of Laws 2020.722 of 23.04.2020 as amended. as amended), the rules for registration of excise entities have changed, so we provide assistance and information in registration applications.

Orders can be placed as follows:

  1. By phone at 536915915
  2. Via the contact form