About us

Our company was founded in 1990 in Orońsko. Initially, we dealt only with the distribution of gas in cylinders. Over the years, the company has been gradually developing, expanding the range of offered products with household appliances. In 1991. A new branch was established in Zwoleń, next to Radom, and a new business activity was undertaken in the field of wholesale and retail sale of gas and household appliances. In 1994. The company underwent restructuring and a new situation emerged. We have decided that our priority will be the distribution of propane and propane-butane. Then the first LPG station and bottling plant in Radom were built. In 1998, In accordance with the new Act on Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment of Disabled People, the company received the status of a sheltered workshop. In 1999. We have been issued a license to trade in liquid fuels by the Department of Energy. Over the years 1998-2000, professionalism has become our priority. Employees were directed to a number of courses and workshops in the appropriate scope. From knowledge and a new look at the future business, professional sales and marketing departments were created.

By way of evolution, the company implemented modern technology in the form of a liquefied gas bottling plant located in Radom at ul. Tokarska 3. Our gas bottling plant is equipped with modern technological devices, fully automated with attestations and quality certificates. The technological line for filling 11 kg cylinders has also been equipped with an additional leak control station to improve the quality and safety of cylinder users. Our bottling plant can fill 1000 pcs. /h cylinder 11 kg. We also have the ability to fill tourist cylinders from 0.5 kg to 5 kg and municipal 33 kg. Having storage tanks with a total capacity of V = 500 m3 allows for the continuous organization of gas supplies. Our own railway siding with a transshipment point allows for great freedom to purchase gas from various gas producers.

Many years of experience of our employees combined with a modern transport system (tank trucks, vans for transporting 11kg cylinders) makes our customers offer comprehensive and timely service in the field of gas supply. Marian Janiszek & Partners MAR – ROM is a modern company for which high product quality and customer satisfaction are the foundation on which its business is based.

We sell liquefied petroleum gas, distribute cylinders, but also comprehensively perform industrial installations for liquefied petroleum gas. It implements LPG projects used in technological processes in industry, agriculture and construction. Such an organized distribution network together with an efficient team of consultants and advisors guarantees our customers comprehensive service, high quality product, timely and reliable deliveries, reliable service and safety and convenience, as well as awareness of using a truly ecological energy source.